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Emergency Drill.

After severe weather (snow, heavy rain etc) the home club secretary, together with the referee, if available, must inspect the pitch on the morning of the match. If the pitch is unplayable, inform the opposing secretary immediately, thus saving any unnecessary expenses and travelling. The referee is entitled to half fee plus expenses if he/she inspects the pitch and postpones the match.

Club Secretaries.

The home club secretary must confirm all games with the opposing secretary & referee four (4) days prior to match day.

The home club secretary must ring the result & match report to Michael Earl (07989 319589) the League Press Officer by 2pm for Sunday matches and 9pm for mid-week matches. ON THE DAY OF THE MATCH.

Both club secretaries must inform Colin Gray (07955 098365) the League Fixture Secretary of all postponed or abandoned matches.

Forms for all requests & changes are available from the League Website and must be used as required.

All Cup Games.

If a draw after 90(ninety) minutes, extra time 15(fifteen) minutes each way, then penalty kicks, must get a result on the day. NO REPLAYS.


Please confirm your appointment ASAP with Derek Thompson (07962 319655) the Referees Appointment Secretary, to keep a true record the result sheet must be completed with any cards issued against each player in the columns provided then sign the result sheet. All referees to complete a Match Report form provided by Derek Thompson The Referees Appointment Secretary this for CSFL league records.

Dates & Actions to Remember.

AGM (June) Pay Annual Subscriptions & Fees.

Start of Season must provide proof of Insurance to League Secretary Stew Pringle.

Last Date to Register & Transfer players is 31st March.

Any alteration to League / Cup / Fair Play Rules into League Secretary Stew Pringle by 30th April.

Complete Continue or Withdraw form by 31st March.

Officer / Management Nominations AGM by 1st May.

Submit Club Details & Information Sheet with Affiliation Number by 30th June.

Request a Vacant Date must give 28 days notice.

Result Sheet to George Sampson League Result Secretary within 4 days after match played.

Anytime any changes of Club circumstances inform Stew Pringle League Secretary.

Anytime all fines and charges as outlined in Schedule A.

Anytime unable to play fixtures inform Colin Gray League Fixture Secretary.

League Headquarters.

Cramlington Benedictine Catholic Social Centre Ltd.

Glenluce Drive, Southfield Green, Cramlington Northumberland NE23 6YA.

Telephone- 01670 714694.

League Website.


All forms required for the League can be downloaded from the League Website.

Any technical problems with the website email

Any problems with the League Website content email

Season 2020 / 2021 will begin on Sunday 27th September 2020, all fixtures to be completed by 31st May 2021.

Kick Off times for Matches.

Sundays 10.30 am.

Midweeks  6.30 pm.

Northumberland County Council.

Contact – Jimmy Reith.     Telephone – 01670 620048.

Newcastle City Council.

Contacts – Angela Punton / Susan Hawkins.    Telephone – 0191 2328520.

North Tyneside Council.

Contact – Louise Ferguson.    Telephone – 0191 2005057 / 0191 6437450.

The Football  Association.

Chief Executive Wembley Stadium Ltd PO Box 1966 London  SW1P 9EQ.   Telephone – 0844 980 8200.

Northumberland Football Association.

Acting Chief Executive  Andrew Rose-Cook   Telephone – 0191 2700700  /  Email

Northumberland Referees Association.

County Secretary  Jonathan Gray  Telephone – 07540377055 / Email